Ex-Partners of Servicemembers for Equality (EX-POSE)


What help do we provide?

If you join EX-POSE, you will receive our continually evolving New Member Packet, including our 16-page New Member Newsletter, which:

  • Explains a former military spouse's, for all branches, rights and benefits, according to the Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act (USFSPA).
  • Explains the application process for direct payment of any court-awarded money from the Defense Finance & Accounting Service (DFAS).
  • Defines the 10-year rule, as well as the benefits for 20-20-20 and 20-20-15 spouses.
  • Suggests sample wording for your property settlement agreement (PSA), helping to avoid the potential reduction of a spouse's share of the retired pay due to veterans' disability compensation.
  • Explains the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP) and the deemed election process.
  • Explains Social Security benefits for divorced spouses, and life insurance issues including SGLI and VGLI.